Early Years

Born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on July 2, 1973, Dr. Jehoshaphat K. Jones was raised in a middle-class home to a science teacher (mother) and a minister (father) - both of whom were graduates from Notre Dame University and Duke University, respectively. Education is a critical component of Dr. Jones' personal commitment to discovering the world. Although nominated by North Carolina State Representative Cass Ballinger to attend the U.S. Service Academy at Westpoint, there was a change in direction to pursue teaching versus a military profession. His passion for leading and learning brought him to graduate from high school with a full academic scholarship and enroll at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Additionally, he completed a master's degree in business administration (finance) from Strayer University and a doctoral degree in business administration (strategy and innovation) from Capella University.

In his early career, Dr. Jones taught the sciences in primary and secondary schools and eventually became a software applications trainer for contractors servicing the U.S. Department of Defence. From working in the public sector to private sector opportunities, Dr. Jones is committed to ensuring organizations maximize resources, adapt continuously, grow sustainably, and operate profitably. Current community partnerships and corporate social responsibility include work with Education Equity Group and Fatherhood+ programs.

Effective Leadership

Through the holding company MAM73.COM, LLC, and subsidiary, Motion and Magnitude, LLC, Dr. Jones works to create innovative and forward-looking organizations (operating in over 15 different business lines) to deliver the greatest value to stakeholders, fellow members, partners,  and internal/external customers. Additionally, the Motion and Magnitude brand embraces open-source business model innovation in which Momentum Members drive business objectives and key results, thus, directly impacting the mission, vision, and values of each business line.

The Difference

Under the auspices of the Motion and Magnitude organization, Dr. Jones developed a funding and support mechanism to drive our corporate strategy and innovation. The Momentum Membership offerings (strategic value proposition) provide private sector organizations, institutions, families, and individuals the opportunity to build, invest, and create jobs - all while gathering top, highly-qualified talent, raising equity, and supporting local and regional communities. Our social corporate responsibility generates outcomes of innovation in both the short and long term. Unlike passive investors, our members are active agents that inspire our leaders to look forward and offer products, goods, and services beyond the current product demand cycle.

Deeply connected to customer experience and engagement, Dr. Jones understands the need to employ and the power of a diverse workforce. Diverse organizations thrive and contribute value through varying perspectives. Ultimately, through collaboration, leveraging multiple lenses, and embracing a singular focus, the legacy of Dr. Jones will continue in each member, and his story will unfold as our story.